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How it works


CIC Concierge run prominently night time services, to deter and detect any safeguarding and/or mental heath concerns, Anti-social Behaviour and/or criminal activity. Throughout the night we run a Concierge Hub, where our Senior Concierge Officers are usually located; they are there to keep the staff safe. Senior Concierge Officers will be the Concierge Officers first port of call throughout their shift, if they are working at night. Even if the concierge officer does not require assistance, they will call staff on duty every two hours throughout their shift, to ensure that they are safe, and provide support. They are highly experienced, trained officers who can provide guidance to all concierge officers throughout their shift if they are dealing with difficult situations.


The service has been provided under contract to the support provider at an annual cost, charged monthly, which is recovered by the support provider via tenant charges. These are generally met by Local Authority via Housing Benefit payments.


People living in supported housing (and other provided accommodation) and those that live nearby, benefit hugely from our out-of-hours security service. Reduced ASB, tensions within and around accommodation and reduced operating costs are just 3 of the benefits.

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