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About Us

The CAYSH Concierge Service provides specialist safeguarding security by highly experienced and trained Concierge Officers. CAYSH Concierge Service came into existence as a response to public and social needs.  In the past, security or out of hours work was carried out by either Support Workers working overtime or private Security firms. Support Workers, we found were sometimes increasing dependency as well as cost and, the untrained security workers were letting the service down and sometimes generating more problems than they were solving due to the little understanding they had of our service users. CAYSH Concierge Service used its 40 years of experience to design a fit for purpose service that balances the need to protect people, property and community (and the public purse) and has since been working successfully across south London. 
Our people not only understand how to effectively manage a building, but also put people at the core of what they do – and this is what makes us so effective at delivering return on investment and improving outcomes for tenants in property where we work.

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What is a Concierge Officer?


The service, tailored for each individual contract, aims to secure the safety and wellbeing of tenants, eliminate anti-social behavior, reduce risk and protect the interests of landlords and support providers.
Concierge Officers are security personnel with an awful lot more. They work in many different settings and serve multiple needs.  They work with residents, local to supported housing projects, service users and Support Workers; providing high quality reports whilst ensuring peace is maintained in surrounding communities.
Before taking a step on duty, Concierge Officers receive comprehensive training and supervised shadowing and receive frequent top-up training.

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